Flagstaff Films has been developing, directing and producing documentary films for Network clients including HBO, SHOWTIME, CBS, The History Channel, A&E, ESPN, MTV and FOX for 25 years.

They have received seven Emmy Awards and three prestigious George F. Foster Peabody Awards. Many other numerous Industry honors include 13 Cine Golden Eagle Awards.

Flagstaff Films has received seven Emmy Awards, three prestigious George F. Foster Peabody Awards, and many other Industry honors including 13 Cine Golden Eagle Awards.

Principles George Roy and Steven Stern began as Black Canyon Productions and their long and storied relationship with HBO began in 1991, with the critically acclaimed "When it was a Game" series. This vanguard documentary featured never before seen home movies which were woven into a lyrical look at baseball from the 1930's to the 1960's.

"When it was a Game" was honored with numerous awards, including the Emmy, the Ace Award, the Cine Golden Eagle Award, and the coveted Peabody Award.

The tandem's other documentaries for HBO include, "Long Shots", a historical review of the American Basketball Association, "Babe Ruth", "Shot Heard Round The World", the story of Bobby Thomson's dramatic Home Run off Ralph Branca in 1951,"03 From Gold", the story of the controversial 1972 Gold medal Olympic Basketball game between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the "Curse of the Bambino", the 2-time Emmy Award winning saga detailing the tortured history of the Boston Red Sox.

Black Canyon was awarded a third Peabody Award for "Fists of Freedom", the Story behind the "Black power fist" Gold medal demonstration by Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Summer Olympics, and "City Dump", an insightful look at CCNY's famous double-Championship in 1950, and the subsequent scandal that brought down College Basketball in New York City.

Hitler's Pawn is one of their many notable films to recieve multiple emmy nominations.

In July of 2004, the company produced and directed HBO's "Hitler's Pawn", the emotional story of Jewish high jumper Gretel Bergmann ,who in 1936, despite being one of Germany's best, was denied a spot on the German Olympic team and was at the center of a devious and until now, largely secretive German plan. The film received two Emmy nominations.

Other notable Films include the Emmy Award Winning " Pistol Pete: The Life and Times of Pete Maravich, and "Glory in Black and White", The story of the 1966 NCAA Basketball Champions for CBS. And a 2-hour biography for A&E on legendary music promoter Bill Graham.

In the summer of 2005, "Mantle", a character study of Baseball legend Mickey Mantle. It premiered on HBO. The film received two emmy nominations and was followed by "The UCLA Dynasty", the story of John Wooden and the UCLA Bruins of the late 60's and 70's, which aired on HBO in March 2007.

The HBO college-themed films continued with "Michigan vs Ohio State: The RIVALRY", and "Battle for Tobacco Road: Duke vs Carolina", which premiered in February 2009 and aired throughout March Madness.

"Broad Street Bullies", a film chronicling the story of the two-time Stanley Cup Champions during the early/mid 1970's, aired during the 2010 NHL Playoffs.

Newly branded as Flagstaff Films, Roy and Stern completed " The Runnin Rebels of UNLV" for HBO in March of 2011. The film chronicled the controversial college basketball program led by coach Jerry Tarkanian.

In January 2012, Flagstaff Films completed “Cold War on Ice,” the first film to air on the new NBC Sports Network. The film chronicled the 1972 Summit Series, a "friendly" eight game hockey exhibition series between Canada and Russia.…

“Mayweather,” a documentary on the life of boxing’s most controversial figure, Floyd Mayweather, was narrated by LL Cool J, and aired on CBS in May 2013. “Against the Tide,” a documentary exploring the impact of the 1970 college football game between the University of Southern California and the University of Alabama, aired on Showtime (November 13, 2013), as did "Dean Smith", a documentary on the life of the legendary UNC basketball coach (March 25, 2015).

The company was also responsible for two other television series, both for Fox Sports Net. In 2009 it produced Baseball's Golden Age, a 13 part series with Alec Baldwin, nominated for two Sports Emmy Awards, and followed that in 2011 with the year's highest rated show on FSN, The Boys in the Hall, a close up look at legendary members of Baseball's Hall of Fame, hosted by Tom Brokaw.